Whole Milk from Chaney’s Dairy Barn – Now Stocked in Select Areas!

Now available for next day orders for select areas, Whole Milk from Chaney’s Dairy Barn!

Chaney’s Dairy Barn is a 5th generation family owned dairy farm in Bowling Green, KY with an ice cream store and restaurant, and have over 200,000 visitors to their farm annually. They milk JERSEY cows in a robotic milking machine (basically the cows are milked whenever they decide they want to be) and they produce 100% all jersey milk, all on their farm which is higher in butterfat, solids and calcium and is the best milk you have ever tasted.  The cows truly live in luxury, and they show that by producing such remarkable milk.

Item 23275 – 4/1 Gallon Case

Item 25934 – 1 Gallon each