For Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo we’ve brought in California Yellowtail, American Red Snapper, King Kampachi and more!

California Yellowtail

Baja, CaliforniaWild

Item 48160 – Whole H&G 10-15 lbs.

Item 48159 – Fillets per lbs.

American Red Snapper

Bayou La Batre, Alabama Wild

Item 48119 – Whole 8-15 lbs.

Item 48116 – Fillet per lbs.

King Kampachi

La Paz, Baja, California – Farm-raised

Item 05747 – Whole 6-8 lbs.

Item 05746 – Fillets per lb.

Kentucky Farmed Rainbow Trout

Farm-raised in Eastern Kentucky

Item 48143 – Whole H&G 3-5 lbs.

Ora King Salmon

Sustainably raised in New Zealand

Item 48086 – Whole 12 lb. avg.

Item 48083 – Fillets per lb.

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