Tomatoes: Tight supplies, but improving. Weather related issues in Florida.

Potatoes: Up a bit, due mainly to freight increases.

Lettuce: All varieties remain high. Iceberg supplies improving.

Cauliflower: Up $8. Limited Supplies, quality is good.

Broccoli: High. Light supplies, improving next 10 days.

Grapes: Red steady, white up $6.

Strawberries: Active, average quality.

Melons: Steady

Lemons: Steady

Squash: Up $8-10. Yellow escalating due to lighter supply. Zucchini steady.

Peppers: Steady

Onions: Steady

Celery: Up $5

Apples: Steady

Cucumbers: Going up. Weather related

Limes: Up $2

Avocados: Steady

Asparagus: Stabilizing

Bananas: Tightening. Quality good.

Green Beans: Up. Supplies tightening.

Grapefruit: Good Quality and Supply

Garlic: Domestic remains high

Ginger: Very tight supplies.