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Wild Coho Salmon

Quinalt, Washington – Wild

Item 48108 – Whole 4-6 lb. avg.

Item 48107- Hand-cut fillets

Walleye Fillet

Canada – Wild

Item 48155

Red Snapper

Gulf of MexicoWild

Item 48119 – Whole 8-15 lb. avg.

Item 48118 – Hand-cut, skin-on fillet


Hampton, Virginia Wild

Item 48034 – Whole 4-6 lb. avg.

Item 48591 – Hand-cut fillet

John Dory Fillet

New Zealand

Item 48032*

*Available for Friday!

Ocean Trout

Sustainably farmed in Loch Etive, Scotland

Item 48163 – Whole 10-12 lb. avg.

Item 48162 – Hand-cut fillet

Eagle Rock Oysters

Southern Puget Sound, Washington

Item 45752 – 60 count bag

Connecticut Blue Point Oysters

Long Island Sound

Fresh, crisp, firm texture, with a sweet after taste that sparkles with salinity.

Item 48577- 100 count bag

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