Tomatoes: REMAIN HIGH!

Due to current tomato harvest, there are no #2/cull grade round tomatoes. We have #2 romas for cull tomatoes. This will continue for the next possibly two weeks. If customers must have round tomatoes, the only option are #1 two layers or 25# 6×6 or 25# 5×6 and larger.  Heavy red color will also be a challenge as prices are very high and limited supplies. 

Potatoes: Steady

Lettuce: Steady

Cauliflower: Steady

Broccoli: Steady

Grapes: Steady

Strawberries: Steady

Melons: Cantaloupe up $5

Lemons: Steady

Squash: Remains active.

Peppers: Remain higher

Onions: Steady

Celery: Steady

Apples: All varieties up $2-$5

Cucumbers: Steady

Limes: Steady

Avocados: Steady


We are seeing a big gap in a number of mushroom products due to the country opening back up and our mushroom suppliers letting their inventories of mushroom items decrease over the past 6 weeks. It takes about 10 weeks for mushrooms producers to produce most mushrooms, so we will have limited supplies of certain types mushrooms for the next 8-10 weeks.