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Stone Crab Claws

Item 71246 – Large 4-6 per pound

Item 03768 – Medium 6-8 per pound













Blue Fish

Ponce Inlet, Florida

An East coast tradition. More typically caught in northern waters, as the water temps cool, they migrate South (like much of the older Eastern Seaboard community) which means slower drivers and Bluefish.

Item 71123 Whole 1-2 lb avg

Item 03334 – Fillet







Jumbo Spanish Mackerel

Ponce Inlet, Florida

Item 02218 Whole 3-4 lb avg

Item 03335 Fillet











Yellowtail Snapper


Hallmark snapper, beautiful 2-3 lb yellowtails. Certainly a favorite among fishermen.

Item 03489 Whole 2-3 lb avg

Item 03490 Fillet





Golden Tile

Ponce Inlet, Florida

Item 71158 Whole 4-7 lb avg

Item 05285 Fillet








Margate Snapper

Florida Keys

Item 71155 Whole 3-5 lb avg

Item 03471 Loins 









Pink Baja Grouper

Sea of Cortez

Line caught in Baja, great fish! Your typical white, beautiful grouper fillet. Caught from Panga boats which are only about 16′ long. Luckily the Sea of Cortez is a stunningly, beautiful, calm and protected waterway.

Item 03810 – 5-8 lb avg

Item 03811 – Fillet












Item 48034 Whole 4-6 lb avg

Item 48591 Fillet








Mahi Mahi


Item 48064 – 15-30 lb avg

Item 48060 – Fillet








Lion Fish

Ponce Inlet, Florida

The invasive species. We’ve clipped the spines. They are very good, firm, very very white fillets.

This batch is about a pound each! One of my larger batches

Item 71276 Whole .75 – 1 lb avg.






Pacific Halibut

Oregon Coast

Item 04584 Whole H&G 10-20 lb avg

Item 04585 Fillet 3-6 lb avg






10/15 ct Whole Royal Red Shrimp


Sweet, buttery and briny.  Softer and more delicate than whites, these come from about 600′ deep off of Cape Canaveral. 

Item 71209  Frozen 10 lb bag  








EZ Peel 16/20 White Shrimp

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71232 – 10 lb bag Frozen










Ichiban Oysters

North Puget Sound, Washington

Item 48848 – 60 count bag









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