Produce Market Report

By October 18, 2019 Chef's Feed, Produce Market Report

October 18, 2019

Tomatoes: up $5

The tomato market will experience extreme changes for the next month or so. The local programs in the east are winding up for the year. The crop in North Florida and South Georgia is light on volume and has major weather on the way. California is very light on volume also. Mexico is getting started but there is limited product and quality is all over the board. Roma tomatoes appear to be the shortest product with rounds not far behind.  

Potatoes: Up! Harvest numbers are down.  Larger sizes up $3-4


Lettuces: Getting active.  WAY UP!  ALERT!


Cauliflower: WAY UP!  


Broccoli: Remains high


Grapes: Steady


Strawberries: Up $1-2


Melons: up $2-3


Lemons: Steady


Squash: Up $3-4


Peppers: Steady


Onions: Steady


Celery: Steady


Apples: Steady


Cucumbers: Steady


Limes: Steady


Avocados: Down $4




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