Fresh From the Sea!

By June 24, 2019 Gourmet, Seafood, What Chefs Want


California Yellowtail


Item 71105 Whole  10-20 lb avg.

Item 03338 Fillet 2-4 lb avg.








Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71123 Whole 2-3 lb avg.

Item 03334 Fillet







Hawaiian Monchong


Item 71143 – 20 lb avg

Item 03359 – Fillet







Louisiana Red Snapper


Item 71271 Whole 8-12 lb avg

Item 03386 Fillet 2-3 lb avg








White Seabass


Item 05711 Whole 10-15 lb avg







Wild Sockeye Salmon

Copper River, Alaska

Item 48112 Whole H&G 4-6 lb avg.

Item 48111 Fillet






Key West Pink Shrimp 9/12 Count

Item 05241 – 10 lb bag

Caught just north of Key West and frozen on the boat. 9/12 count boat run (meaning the guys on the boat did the sorting) Fat, beautiful shrimp!!!










Swordfish Loins


Item 48126







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