The Natural Laws of Delivery

By May 8, 2019 Chef's Feed, What Chefs Want
  1. Customers want delivery, and the potential is incremental. 86% of restaurant customers receive off-premise services at least once a month. A third of those are using it more than they did a year ago. 60% of operators say that the business is incremental and not cutting into current dine-in or carryout.  This will of course vary from concept to concept.
  2. All rates are negotiable. Most delivery companies charge you between 15 and 30% of each off-premise sale. Know that they are vying for your business.  Make them earn it by giving you the most favorable rate possible.
  3. Not all experiences deserve equal pricing: Find out how you can set differential pricing between what you charge in your restaurant and what customers pay for deliveries.  Yes it will be more expensive and you may have less tickets but your bottom line will increase, not just your top.
  4. Not all experiences require the same menu: Consider offering items that travel better for delivery- differentiation can work to your advantage.
  5. Nobody is forcing you to offer delivery! If you are not ready to offer that service and are happy with how your sales are spreading out, focus on dine-in and to-go and let us help you knock it out of the park in those areas.
  6. Innovation is moving quickly. Packaging companies are scrambling to try and develop better solutions for operators and consumers to help with off-premise sales.   Watch our program and know that we will be up on the latest technology.



If you are considering expanding your off-premise sales, let us be a resource for you.  Call or text our Wow Center 24/7 at 502-587-9012 for a consultation. 



““When customers order online, they are not taking up a parking spot. There are also no dishes for staff to wash, sodas to refill, or free pickles to give out. With delivery, we are just cranking out food.”

–Alex Canter, Canter’s Deli