New Produce Available!

By April 2, 2019 April 16th, 2019 Local and Specialty, Produce, What Chefs Want

Morels & Ramps are still perhaps 2 weeks out (no firm ETA yet).  Fiddleheads will probably be about the same…there are just a few showing up on the west coast now, but price is crazy.  Green Almonds are incoming now, arriving this week.  Still awaiting word on Spring Vidalias.


Kohlrabi – Item 20916






Kentucky Grown Mint – Item 40017








Caulilini – Item 03643




 English Peas – 20921




Pixie Mandarins – Item 02408





 Fava Beans – Item 20721








 Mixed Cauliflower – Item 20017









Maradol Papaya – Item 10985







Watch Krey’s Korner to see some of the latest produce arrivals!





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