Market Report March 29, 2019

By March 29, 2019 April 16th, 2019 Produce, What Chefs Want

Tomatoes: Down significantly.  Quality improving.

Potatoes: Large size Idahoes are up a bit.

Red potatoes: Going up with fresh crop Florida starting.  Good quality

Lettuces: Iceberg down some.  Others steady.  Quality is mixed.  Some damage will be evident with epidermal peel and blistering.  Outer leaves may show damage.

Cauliflower: Down some.  Still an unstable market

Broccoli: up $2-3

Grapes: Steady

Strawberries: up $10!  Weather related issues.  Florida season is over, putting pressure on California Light supplies

Melons: Steady

Lemons: up $2

Squash: Steady

Peppers: Coming down.

Onions: Very active.  Up $6-$7

Celery: Remains very high.  Super tight supplies!

Apples: Steady

Cucumbers: Down $3-4

Limes: Up $5

Avocados: Up $8-10!