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By March 22, 2019 April 16th, 2019 Seafood

Seafood Market News:


Here’s a downloadable list of our top sellers with pricing:

What Chefs Want Seafood List


Cape Canaveral, FL

Item 71195 – Whole – 1-2  lb avg

Item 03444 – Fillet





Triple Tail

Port Canaveral, FL

Item 71257 – Whole – 5-10 lb avg

Item 71256 – Fillet

Available for Saturday Sales


Blackfin Tuna

Cape Canaveral, FL

Item 98893 – Whole – 25 lb avg

Available for Saturday Sales



Spiny Lobsters

Key Largo, FL

Item 71168 – Whole – 1-2 lb avg


St. John’s River Catfish Fillets

St. John’s River, FL

Item 71128




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