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By March 15, 2019 Seafood

Seafood Market News:

Louisiana is producing awesome right now! Check out the Scamp Grouper and Yellowedge Grouper!  Ponce Inlet, Florida is hot right now too!  While I was on the dock, spearfishermen kept coming in from the previous night’s fishing and I was able to thank them as they came in and pick out the biggest, most beautiful fish of the catch!Kelly Probst (What Chefs Want’s Fish Monger)

Here’s a downloadable list of our top sellers with pricing:

What Chefs Want Seafood List

Golden Tile

Cape Canaveral, FL

Item 71158 – Whole – 10 lb avg

Item 03341 – Fillet



American Red Snapper

New Orleans, LA

Item 71271 – Whole – 8 – 12 lb avg

Item 03386 – Fillet


Yellowedge Grouper

Florida Gulf

Item 71154 – Whole – 15 lb avg

Item 03379 – Fillet


Scamp Grouper 

Dulac, Louisiana

Item 71213 – Whole – 3-5 lb avg

Item 03045 – Fillet

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