Valentine’s Day Meat Specials

By February 13, 2019 Holiday, Meats

Valentine’s Day Meat Specials

Prices good through February 18, 2019

All Center Cut Choice Fillets






Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Steakhouse Cut

Item 01040 – 6 piece case


A semi-boneless whole Poulet Rouge Fermier.  The Steakhouse Cut has only the 2 drumettes attached and makes for a great 1/2 chicken entree.  22 oz average per piece.


Tomahawk Cut Ribeye – Creekstone Master Chef

Item 32146 – Each







Black Hawk Farms Baseball Cut Sirloins

Item 9963 – 20/8 oz





French Cut Berkshire Pork Chops

Item 00832 – 16/12 oz

Item 00834 – 16/10 oz



40 Day Dry Aged Prime Bone In Export Ribeye

Item 05495 – Whole




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