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Scholars Bagels - Bloomington, IN

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fresh pasta alfresco nashville, tn

Produce Exchange Trends

Tomatoes: up $15!!  Expect higher prices for about a month
Potatoes: up $1
lettuces- Steady
Cauliflower – down $5
Broccoli- Back remains higher
Grapes: up $2-4 for quality
Strawberries: steady 
Melons: up $2-3
Lemons: Still higher but steady
Squash: up $2
Peppers: up $2
Onions: steady
Celery: up again this week.  
Apples: steady. Granny Smith up 
Cucumbers: up $2




Antibiotic Free Chicken



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Creation Gardens

These little sweet peppers are awesome on the grill! Great summer appetizer. 🌶🔥 @ Creation…

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Creation Gardens

Little throwback from the fall but let's roast the Ducks tomorrow! Game 6 in Smashville. Don't…