Introducing THE BUTCHERY!


The Butchery by Creation GardensWe are happy to introduce the new brand now associated with our Creation Gardens meats department: The Butchery! Whenever you see this logo, you can be assured that you are getting the best local and international meat available, along with a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the meat industry. Interested in seeing our operation up close? Give us a call and we’d be happy to show off our operations and let you see why many restaurants add meats to their regular CG order, seven days a week.

We now offer the best meats from the best farms, straight to your kitchen!

Thanks to the acquisition of Mattingly Foods of Louisville, Creation Gardens now offers a full line of high-quality meats.


Cowboy Steak -Uncooked Ribeye - uncooked Strip - uncooked









creekstone farms logo








berkwood berkshire pork

100% Berkshire Pork. Berkwood Farms Berkshire pork is distinctive for its rich ruby color and exquisite marbling, its tenderness and depth of flavor. Pigs fed only 100% vegetarian diet. Humane animal treatment and earth-friendly production practices.
Products: loin, boston butt, belly, tenderloin, bacon, chops, ribs





border springs farm lamb

Award-winning, domestic, grass-fed, certifiied naturally grown lamb. Animal Welfare Approved.
Products: rack, chops, leg, ground, loin, sweetbread, sausage, ribs, belly




big fork logo

Award-winning, hand-crafted artisan sausages, made in Chicago using all-natural pork or chicken, and nitrite-free, hardwood smoked bacon. Vegetarian-fed hogs.
Product: Sausage




wagyu beef miyazaki

Miyazaki Wagyu is recognized for its cherry red colour, tender texture and great dense meat taste. The snowflake-liked fat is evenly distributed and produces a non-greasy flavor.
Product: Strip loin, ribeye, tenderloin, brisket, ground




joyce farms poultryGourmet free-range poultry from North Carolina. Nothing added. No hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. Purely natural vegetarian diet. All chickens born and raised in the USA.
Products: Poussin, French Chapon, whole chicken, breasts, duckling, poulet rouge, wings, heritage black turkey




broadleaf exotic wild gameExcellent assortment of wild game and exotic meats
Products: boar, elk, venison, pheasant, antelope, kangaroo, duck, goose




Certified Hereford BeefCertified Hereford Beef. With bloodlines back to England (brought to the states by Kentucky’s own Henry Clay). This is
considered some of the best beef on the market today.
Products: NY Strip, sirloin






1855 Black Angus Beef1855 beef is exclusively Black Angus, renowned for superior marbling, tenderness and taste. Only 13% of cattle meet their selection criteria. All 1855 cattle are grain-fed, producing flavorful beef that consumers recognize and prefer.
Products: Brisket, Ribeye, Loin, Flatirons





koch chickenFull selection of fresh and frozen chicken products.
Products: IQF chicken breasts, whole small birds – 4 and 8 piece split, tenders, leg quarters, drumsticks, thighs, wings, livers, bones.