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Product Exchange Trends

Tomatoes: steady
Potatoes: steady
lettuces-  up big time!  all types are up.  quality is spotty
Cauliflower :Historic high!
Broccoli- up $5-6
Grapes: steady
Strawberries: up $10   really high and quality is suspect.  Bruising and white tips likely
Melons: up $2
Lemons: steady
Squash. Up $4
Peppers: Green- up $2
Onions: steady
Celery: up $2
Apples: steady
Cucumbers: steady
Limes-  up slightly

Product Spotlight

Habegger Farm (Scottsville, KY) 
Butternut Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Sweet Potatoes (limited!)
Acorn Squash (ending soon!)
Delicata Squash (ending soon!)
Gallrein Farm (Shelbyville, KY) 

Pie Pumpkins (sweet roasters, great supplies!)

Huber’s Orchard (Starlight, IN) 

Fresh Apple Cider

Winesap Apples (excellent, while supplies last!)

Grateful Greens 

Sno Pea Shoots

Bloomsbury Farms 

Alfalfa Sprouts
Clover Sprouts