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Produce Exchange Trends

Tomatoes: up still high
Potatoes: steady
lettuces- down some! Let’s not get too excited …
Cauliflower :Historic high! Short product. May not have this week
Broccoli- remains high
Grapes: up $10 for good quality
Strawberries: down some, quality is improving
Melons: steady
Lemons: steady
Squash. Up $4
Peppers: steady
Onions: steady
Celery: remains high
Apples: steady
Cucumbers: same as last week. High
Limes- steady




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Are you a bacon aficionado? North Country Smokehouse is one of our many options we have. They…

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Randy Bush
@RandoBush Great article on some of our fave local customers in Owensboro Ky!

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