Thousands of high quality and well priced products – including unique and highly perishable produce and gourmet items.

Seven days a week delivery.

Portioned quantities for all the products you need.

Friendly and Responsive attitudes.

Produce, Gourmet, Dairy, Paper, Restaurant Staples and Meats – CG 6.0


We out service our competitors for less, because we operate in tight urban areas, spread our costs over many items, and spend our money on service – not a traditional sales force.

We handle Sales differently than other companies that you may deal with each day. We have a “team” approach to sales. We allow our customers to have direct access to purchasers, accounting, pricing and experts within individual product lines all directed by a knowledgeable Call Center. This allows our outside sales force to stay lean and we get to spend your money in areas that help you manage your kitchen more efficiently.

Your iOS or Android device can be an entire product catalog complete with: prices, pictures, descriptions, origins, and seasonality. You can also place orders and see your order history

We can allow you to go paperless. We have the technology to get you invoices and statements on-line or auto generated email whenever there is a transaction with your account.

Our Executives set prices – not a commissioned sales rep. Creating trust in pricing is our long-term goal.

We are Members of Produce Alliance. This member group allows us access to all the best farms where we get purchasing help on the ground to make the best quality / price decisions.

We are directed by a Chef Advisory Board and would welcome your participation. This allows our customers to set our agendas and provide direct input for future growth and innovation.

We are WBENC Certified Woman Owned.

We are the largest purveyor of local produce in all markets we serve. If it grows locally, we sell it!

We only want your business if we have earned it and help your kitchen succeed.