1. Produce – We have a huge assortment of the best produce available today. With our Produce Alliance membership, we have access to all of the best farms with real people in the field. Being part of the billion dollar buying group means the best variety of product at the fairest prices. Do you want access to everything that is growing locally 7 days a week? Our extensive line of specialty and local Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee produce means that you will have quick access to the best our local farms have to offer.


2. Gourmet – Do you want access to over 3,000 gourmet products 7 days a week? 1,500 chefs require that we stock everything from olive oils to numerous kinds of cheeses and spices from all over the world. What else can we stock to make you special?


3. Paper – Thousands of biodegradable and traditional paper products. We can win on price and delivery a case at a time, when you need it!


4. Dairy – We have a full dairy line at competitive prices.


5. Staples – Tired of wasting cash on excessive inventory to meet broadliner minimums? We have most staple items that every restaurant needs for day-to-day operations, many of which are broken down by the pound, bag or can. Order what you need, when you need it, seven days a week.


6. Meats – We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Mattingly Foods of Louisville! By acquiring Mattingly, Creation Gardens can now provide our growing customer base with high quality meats including beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. We also have a large variety of amazing cured meats and fish in stock. Everything from Italian salamis, German sausages, Spanish chorizo and ham, local Kentucky smoked fish and local Kentucky and Tennessee bacon, ham and sausage!