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Meet the Spinalis


Chances are, you’ve tasted Spinalis before.  You’ve had a ribeye, right?  Know those super juicy, tender flavorful few bites on the edge of the ribeye?  That’s the spinalis.  Also referred to as “deckle” or “ribeye cap”.  In the meat world, you may have even seen the option to purchase a whole ribeye “deckle off” or “cap removed”.  What those butchers are removing is the spinalis.  Trimmed off of the whole ribeye by our expert butchers, the muscle is about 16 inches long, 8 inches wide and an inch thick.

This cut of beef has been called the “best of both worlds” as it has all the flavor of the ribeye and the tenderness of the tenderloin.  Trust us, you will not be disappointed.  One of the questions I have gotten is, “What do I call this on my menu?”.  Just as fishmongers learned that it’s a lot harder to sell Orange Roughy by it’s other name, Slimehead, our chefs have found the spinalis sells better by the name, ribeye cap. But hey, play around with it yourself.  Maybe you can come up with a better name!

Cooking ideas


Next, how do you cook it?  Well, you can cook this on the hot side of the grill, flipping frequently, till medium rare.  Cut into steaks before grilling, or grill the whole muscle and serve as a multi-person (or really hungry person) entree.  We’ve also seen folks roll it, tie it and grill like a filet. How about sous vide?  Whatever you do, please, please, please don’t overcook!

Grab some of this under-utilized beef and get creative.

Just be careful to save some for your guests as you may be tempted to eat all of it yourself!


Want to learn more?  Check out this quick video I found!

And be sure to leave us comments on how you use this great cut of beef.